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We are a group of enthusiasts that wanted to research and develop some of the best quality one off and handmade racing products, combining superior materials and craftsmanship with a superior cost to quality ratio that was unseen in the aftermarket industry. We started to develop for some of the biggest aftermarket names in Germany, then the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA under their private brands and labels. In late 2019 we decided to go solo under our Logos Engineering Motorworks brand without any middle men. This new strategy has allowed us to remain competitive while passing some of the savings on to the consumer. 


Dont be fooled with inferior imitations, cheap knock offs and boot-legs,

what matters on the inside is also as important as it is on the outside. We

take great pride in designing our products to be bullet proof, with argon back-purged welds that penetrate the inside of the downpipe for a leak free seal and use thick TIG welds that are not only beautiful, but prevents cracking at the stress points to ensure a solid products for years to come.

Our target audience are enthusiasts that might otherwise want to go catless but dont want to deal with the smell and sound of un-catted units including the racetracks that dont allow them, both traits which are undesirable to some. Thats where we step in, with a focus on designing ultra high flow down pipes using Japanese sourced metallic substrates that have a higher than average metal content, with a triangle honey-comb matrix to ensure the highest flow and least restriction. Catted downpipes are more expensive to make and require more engineering in order to produce an efficient performing product.

Please be advised that we collaborate for other brands, under different names and on different websites, with the unfortunate circumstance of our designs being copied and re-made using inferior materials, and look-a-likes. It is impossible to stay ahead of this process-but will revise our design as needed to stay ahead. We differentiate ourselves by offering additional features (Like Catalytic converters), and a 5 year warranty on craftsmanship on downpipes.

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