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Most intake Kits place the filters toward the back of the engine on top of the turbos where engine temperatures can reach up to 300 degrees. This hot air is what the engine breathes in stop and go traffic and one setup has the filter so much pressed up against the hood liner, that it robs the filter of breathable area. Some kits have tried to remedy this by providing heat shields only to have the metal heat shields heat up and radiate heat. Although these setups have proven popular, there had to be a better way.


After much prototyping and testing we would like to introduce our

F.A.I (Front Mount Intake), a patent pending solution to getting cool dense air whether your car is stationary or moving; into the engine and get those HP and TQ numbers up.

Custom K& N filters provide 380 cfm of total flow (Yes the filters are large enough and then some). The dual filter design places the filters away from the sizzling hot turbos/ exhaust manifold and nestles them to the coolest part of the engine (The front). This setup also provides a "ram air" effect at speed so that the filter areas are pressurized with incoming air at speed.


The total system is rated at over 1000 HP, and provides the extra kick to any complete stock or tuned engine. The ultra short flow path ensures that air reaches the turbo quicker and faster than any kit on the market, this decreases spool time so your power comes in earlier.

The kit also comes with dense ABS plastic heat shields ( as opposed to metal) to ensure the filters are protected from the hot ambient air, and creates a seal once the hood is closed .

ETA: 10 business days after payment (Or less)

Retail price: $745 (Shipping added at checkout)
   >International orders welcome, please email first<


All UNITS Sold out- due to unforeseen supply chain issues we have a delay on restocking.  PLEASE stay tuned to our facebook page for updates.


To all copy cats and attemps at re-creation: We have a

design patent and a utility patent pending on the Front Air intakes.

This in effect in the USA,UK, GERMANY, ASIA and CANADA



  • feeds air from the coldest part of your engine (the front) away from the hot turbos

  • Specially designed K & N filters for the short and tight space clearances on the W205 platform

  • Patent pending ( Provisional Design & Utility) UK,AU,USA, GERMANY

  • Sensor extenders from the same OEM manufacturer MB uses

  • ABS heatshields seals up against the hood when closed to keep consistent performance

  • High flow elbow CAD designed for high volume flow and turbulence control

  • Horsepower and Torque throughout the rev range that can be felt

  • Can be installed on a stock Vehicle with no tune

  • no special tools needed for install, can be done in 1hr.

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