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  • Entire Down Pipe is constructed out of rust resistant T304 SS for durability

  • The largest barrel downpipe on market, a whopping 5" tapering into the OEM slip joint

  • Replaces stock part number: 18-32-8-682-788, 1832-8-682-788, 18328682788

  • Original Stock Downpipe is 3D scanned and reverse engineered for perfect direct bolt on fitment

  • Thick 8.5mm welds to prevent leaks or cracking

  • Argon gas back purged welds for penetration and seal =Long life

  • CNC T304 flange and V-band ensures a tight factory fit

  • 100% plug and play and perfect fitment. No modifications needed

  • 200 Cell high quality triangle matrix honey comb catalyst flows better than stock and competitors

  • Fully Tig welded construction, beautiful welds that can be seen!

  • Re-use your OEM Hardware

                PRICE:  $695.00

           (Orders outside the USA-email us for a shipping quote)

                                          (Plus Shipping added at checkout)


  • BMW M340I/ G20

  • Toyota Supra 2020+

  • BMW Z4

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MONSTER SERIES :Ultra High Flow 5" Catted Downpipe


  • Get rid of that nasty smell that you get with catless downpipes and that  awful "rasp" that comes with no cats on turbo engines

  • Ultra high flow metallic 200 Cell catalyst substrate ensures you flow 98% as close to catless

  • Monsterous deep aggressive tone, better than a full exhaust in some cases

  • Smooth out your exhaust tone compared to catless and enhance the      sound of your stock setup, sounds amazing!

  • turbo spools up quicker for better throttle response and unleashes up to 20 HP and 20 TQ

  • Quicker spool allows the power to come in earlier with being able to hold it longer

  • can allow you to go stage 2 on a tune to allow up to 30-40 more HP and Torque

  • re-map using JB4 data log and take advantage of the higher flow for that push you back into your seat thrust

  • little to no horsepower or torque loss compared to going catless...why compromise?

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