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The only Double H-cross Pipe cross over    exhaust in the WORLD! for the C43,C450,C400

    Made to order item : $ 2,800

                 (Plus Shipping added at checkout)
                         (Orders outside the USA-email us for a shipping quote)

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    Features & Performance:


  •  The Original Factory AMG Performance Exhaust was 3D scanned and reworked & modified digitally 

  • Improvements made for volume, Tone deepness and a smooth refined sound at all RPMs

  • The OEM PE has one H-Cross over, ours has 2 -leading to a deeper growl and additional drone canceling properties

  • 2.75 OD piping is the maximum you can do in this application while providing balanced backpressure

  • plug and play, no modification needed with a perfect fit

  • A sound that has to be heard in real life to be really appreciated, your V6 will sound like a mini V8

  • Made and engineered by enthusiasts that were sick of the sub-par current options available on the market

  • Fits the C400, C450 and C43

  • Fitted with our High flow catted downpipes...nothing can compare in terms of sound and performance!


  • Thick walled 304 stainless steel (The best), used throughout the construction

  • wide oversized welds for years of use and performance

  • Beautiful Silver Matte, sandblast finish, once broken in looks OEM

  • OEM style flex joints (Quality in the details)

  • Premium Electronic actuated valves as opposed to vacuum actuated

  • Simple hook up of the valve controller frees up the OBD2 Port for JB4 Users

  • 1 larger oval H-cross section in place of the resonator to cancel out nasty drone frequencies without lost of audible volume, Placing such a cross over as close to the turbos helps mitigate rasp

  • 2nd H- cross over is oversized compared to the OEM PE to smooth out sound at the rear

  • Strategically placed smooth radius curves placed before the exit to further break up any left over pulses: ensures a signature  deep, aggressive and mature sound

  • Plug and play, no modifications needed,100% perfect fitment

  • Includes all clamps

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